Welcome to my website. My name is Rob Janssen and I am a freelance Agilist. My passion is to do things better and better. This counts for the teams and the organizations I work with and this counts for me personally. My belief is: “Only when we learn, we become better and that is very satisfying.”

The feedback I usually get from my clients and colleagues is that I am very involved, enthusiastic, positive, contagious and eager to learn.

My clients appreciate my knowledge of Scrum and the Agile way of working. What my clients admire the most is my ability to motivate team members intrinsically to do things better.

During the past decade I have transformed from a professional tester into an Agilist in the purest form. I am a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and have facilitated a vast amount of inspiring Agile workshops. Nowadays I coach teams to become better and more satisfied at their jobs.

You can find more detailed information about my work experience in my CV. If you are interested in my travel adventures together with my wife Marlous, please have a look at www.marlousenrobopreis.nl.

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